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The CASE Statewide Solar boys installing at #NarellanTownCentre are very proud of the work they are doing, as are we of them. This is the area above Coles at the North Eastern end of the site. The weather hasn’t been overly kind to us in the month of June, but the manpower and the determination […]

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In part 1 I touched on the ugly and unsightly use of corrugated conduit visibly installed over ridge lines between roofs. The example used was at the Willowdale estate near Denham Court. Part 2 delivers another awful example of cost cutting in neighbouring estate, Catherine Park, which is near Oran Park and Harrington Grove. We

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We are very lucky to be living Western Sydney at the moment. The amount of building and construction work that is on offer, even during Covid-19 is very encouraging. New estates in the local area like Gregory Hills, Gledswood Hills, Oran Park, Emerald Hills, Denham Court and Leppington have provided vast opportunities for local tradies.What

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Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day for solar production in Sydney. Locally in Camden the solar exposure in the atmosphere was only 1.7kWh/m2. Theoretically if you had a 6.6kW system, your system would have produced anywhere between 6 & 9kWh of energy. This may not sound like a lot of energy, but when you take

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As a large installation company sometimes we get challenged with tougher installations that others shy away from. Today, after a month of planning we began installation of a 30kW Sunpower and Enphase Installation on a Bitumen Shingle Roof in Clareville, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. A challenging and tricky install, being that we could not access

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