Narellan Town Centre Project – 1.4MW

Zone 1A of this project begins at the Harrington Park end of the Narellan Town Centre just adjacent to the Northern Road. 656 Solar Power Panels installed in Zone 1A

Trina Solar Panel Installation

The Narellan Town Centre Shopping Complex in the Macarthur region of South Western Sydney will be home to 2.6MW of Clean Energy. CASE Statewide Solar are installing 1.4MW under contract to RACV Solar. The installation of the 2798 Trina Solar 500W Vertex Panels has been headed up by our masterful roof installer, Mitchell Gough. Mitchell has taken control of the site and the resources and has nailed down our timeline .

Mitchell Gough shying away from the camera in front of some Trina Solar Panels

All of the boys have been busy trafficking the panels across the roof. Mitchell (pictured above) has been busy keeping the panels aligned on the Clenergy Mounting system. The use of Clenergy Universal Clamps has sped up the installation process by removing the need to insert an additional grounding washer (Weeb).

Mathew Indlekofer squaring up a solar panel before securing it to the Clenergy Mounting Rails

GEDA Solar Panel Lifter

In early 2021 CASE Statewide Solar purchased a GEDA Solar Panel Lifter from Energy Smart Water. This purchase was to assist our installers with projects and to reduce risky manual handling tasks. Pictured below is the GEDA, it keeps the boys away from the roof edge and allows a safe lift to the roof. The GEDA lifter has been so successful for CASE Statewide Solar that we have purchased a second one in June this year.

CASE Statewide Solar boys unloading solar panels off the GEDA Solar Panel Lifter