Narellan Town Centre Solar Panel Power Project

The CASE Statewide Solar boys installing at #NarellanTownCentre are very proud of the work they are doing, as are we of them. This is the area above Coles at the North Eastern end of the site. The weather hasn’t been overly kind to us in the month of June, but the manpower and the determination of our crew, along with the use of our fantastic GEDA Solar Panel Lifter is making the job a lot easier.

The Solar Panels

In this area of the site there are 656 Trina Solar 500W Vertex panels installed. Completion of this section was achieved as of Wednesday 9/6/2021, in all we will have installed 2800 panels by the end of June.
We are really turning this over for CEP Energy and RACV Solar.
We now have 9 of the 12 Sungrow Inverters mounted and they look fantastic

The Solar Panel Mountings

All of the panels are mounted on Clenergy Cutter Spec Eco Rail using non penetrative Klip-Lock 700 Series brackets.

Solar Panel Installation View

Panning from the North looking towards Dan Murphys to the South West towards Narellan Motor Inn