Solar Exposure

Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day for solar production in Sydney. Locally in Camden the solar exposure in the atmosphere was only 1.7kWh/m2. Theoretically if you had a 6.6kW system, your system would have produced anywhere between 6 & 9kWh of energy. This may not sound like a lot of energy, but when you take in to account that the average household electricity usage is 21kWh’s, these systems are still providing nearly half of the daily household energy requirements. The 1.7kWh/m2 value was the lowest marker so far this month. Below is a screenshot of the production from a 6.6kW system in Camden South that has 20 x 330W Jinko Solar JKM330M-60H Panels and an SMA Sunnyboy 5.0-1AV-41 Inverter.