Nepean Solar

Our customer Matt Harold from Australian Enviro Projects came to us to find the best method of installing on top of this 8 Storey apartment complex in Chatswood, NSW. Our experience in high rise installations made this job go smoothly from Inspection through to commissioning. Utilisation of a crane was absolutely necessary to get the […]

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Our customer Angela came to us as a referral from her mother who we completed a system for back in 2014. This new CASE Statewide Solar 10.36kW system, Completed in August 2021 is going to be producing upwards of $3000 worth of electricity. The Jinko Solar Rooftop With an abundance of roof space available our

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Completed in July 2021, this fantastic 11.88kW CASE Statewide Solar System is annually producing over $3000 worth of Renewable Energy bliss for the lovely home owners. The Rooftop With the limited useable roof space, the customer opted for the high efficiency Jinko Solar 440W Tiger Pro Modules. These Jinko Solar modules have an awesome looking

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