Oakdale 11.88kW Solar Installation.

CASE Statewide Solar Installation
July 2021 Solar Installation.

Completed in July 2021, this fantastic 11.88kW CASE Statewide Solar System is annually producing over $3000 worth of Renewable Energy bliss for the lovely home owners.

The Rooftop

With the limited useable roof space, the customer opted for the high efficiency Jinko Solar 440W Tiger Pro Modules. These Jinko Solar modules have an awesome looking black frame, and blend into any roof well particularly when coupled together with our Clenergy Hollywood Black Racking. The 12 Year Product Warranty and 25 Year Power Output Guarantee gives added peace of mind to CASE Statewide Solar and the customer.

The Inverter.

CASE Statewide Solar is a trusted partner with SMA Solar through their PowerUp Partners program, this allows us to offer an additional 5 year warranty to any product we sell (Click here to find out more about the program). We installed an SMA Sunnytripower 10kW 3 Phase Inverter in the customers garage. We opt for installing in the garage as this can prolong the life of the inverter as it is less susceptible to the environmental elements. As you can see from our installation, our boys take particular care in the manner in which the cables exit the Gyprock. Where possible we install any cabling in wall cavity’s to minimise the visual intrusion

CASE statewide Solar Installation
CASE Statewide Solar SMA Inverter Installation


The customer along with CASE Statewide Solar has access to the SMA Sunnyportal Monitoring platform. The SMA Inverter is connected via Wifi to the customers modem and communicates with the SMA Sunnyportal Webserver for data logging and key critical events that notify both the Installation company and the consumer about any potential issues and failures.
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